Roe v States Rights, SCOTUS v Democracy

VIDEO – Whatever we may feel about the costs and benefits of the outcome, the Roe v Wade decision usurped the rights of states without offering a compelling Constitutional justification.  Abundantly clear is SCOTUS’s prioritization of SCOTUS.  Related matters of government control, public policy and politics are questioned.

Lock Up Your Privacy, the Vaccine Passport Is Coming!

VIDEO – Vaccine passports are coming, cheered on by advocates of statist control.  The old-fashioned idea of a national ID system will be freshened-up by new risks to privacy and liberty, while widening social divisions along existing fault lines.

Gun Control in the Media

VIDEO – The fact that gun control advocates are claiming the moral high ground on the heels of horrific recent mass shootings while neglecting the less publicized but larger problem of criminal violence may say more about them than about appropriate solutions. Related matters of government control, public policy and politics are questioned.

I’ll Stand With You

SHORT VIDEO – It’s time to take a stand. Our government continues to take an increasing share of our resources, seeks to make an increasing number of issues public matters, and increasingly infringe on our rights.

Section 230: Social Media Platforms Are More Equal Than You Are

VIDEO – Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act grants protections to platforms like Facebook and Twitter that create advantages over other publishers who have to make do with the First Amendment, like the rest of us. De facto government control of social media and other disasters of public policy and politics are discussed.

Libertarian Criminal Justice Reform: Market-Driven Police

VIDEO – Market-driven criminal justice reform recognizes that police officers are employees incentivized by contracts. Local politicians’ unwillingness to negotiate for better performance, greater control, and more transparency and other disasters of government control, public policy and politics are discussed.

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